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Our basic website design costs start at $499 to $6500 initially and could go up from there - the basic fee includes 5 to 25 custom pages or more.  The fee also covers the placement of your website on over 100 search engines, and Meta Tags and Keywords for up to 12 or more of your custom pages (depending on the complexity of your website).  Additional Meta Tag and Keyword work will vary depending on the number of Meta Tags and Keywords we need to include and the number of pages and products you sell.  The extra fee for Meta Tag and Keyword placement is $125.00 per hour if needed; it is worth far more than the price we charge (our fees are subject to change based on your requirements).  Fees can be more depending on your requirements and our time invested in your website project.  

We charge an ongoing management fee - minimum of $69.95 for simple websites (most sites fall in this price range) to $299.00 per month for complex websites (or more based on your website requirements) which will be charged each month.  These fees are due on the 25th of the prior month for fees in the upcoming month. This fee must be paid monthly and includes domain registration, domain name and hosting. The monthly fee also includes 1/2 to 1 hour of administrative support time over the phone or by email.  We will be happy to meet with you personally for a charge of $125 per hour. There is a one-time administration/registration fee in the amount of $200.
Your website should start to show up on major search engines in three weeks to 90 days. It depends on the volume level of each search engine. CW has no control over search engine criteria for placement.

If your website design requires extensive programming and additional time, the fee for the website will be substantially more. However, you get what you pay for, and you are paying for our 45 collective team years of experience in business and how to make your site work the best for your company.

(See Limited Guarantee tab that is subject only to CW's approval and authorization.)

Please contact us any time during our normal business hours for a free,
no-obligation website cost analysis.

Business Hours:  By Appointment Only

Idaho Falls, Idaho - Logan, Utah 
Telephone:  208.569.8969
CWI offers website design, website development and many other services.  Idaho and national website design.  This includes Idaho Falls Idaho website design and we have a large base of customer in Idaho that require Idaho website design.  We are located in Idaho Falls Idaho but can build websites in all English speaking countries.
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Email address:  a4alison789@gmail.com 
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